Most difficult aspect of your native language for foreigners

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monoglot wrote:This was especially bad with Germans with whom I felt more comfortable speaking German than trying to remember to use British expressions.
Films should stop getting dubbed ffs ›:o Also, more people should just get over themselves and read stuff in English from time to time. No surprise many people believe their English to be so bad. They don't get any practice.
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Skomakar'n wrote:At what age did you begin to learn English?
Age 12. But there has never been any attempt to teach us anything but the most basic things about pronunciation. Although all lessons material was in BrE, and the teacher tried to speak BrE, I don't think we were ever corrected for using a particular accent (most likely a horrible Dutch one).
I quickly fall back to my "native" British (weird British) accent when trying to imitate American English.
I can separate them quite well, I think, though I do not often have the chance to speak with a native speaker. The last time I was in England was in '95, when the campsite owner at first thought I was Canadian, or so he told me (I was deliberately using a GenAm accent then).


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The hardest thing? I would say pronoms febles "weak pronouns": their functions and combinations.
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Dampantingaya wrote:Films should stop getting dubbed ffs ›:o
Actually I learnt Italian by watching dubbed films and cartoons. But then again I'm not Italian so that worked in my favour, ha!

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