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There is an unscientific alternate dimension in my conworld because it sounds cool.

The idea is that the place is a causal dual of this world. Roughly, the beings of that world know the answers to all our questions, but they don't know which of our questions they are the answers to. The specifics are more complex, but to give an example, they know the exact workings of the means of transportation we will be using a thousand years from now, but they don't know that that is what those things are. Actions in that world narrow the range of questions to which their items of knowledge can be the answers, which produces strange effects once interdimensional travel is discovered.

This is also related to the religion of that world. They know in gory detail how full of suffering the world is, but they don't know the question to which all that suffering is the answer. They have noticed that survival is correlated with suffering. From the perspective of the future, how can it not be? And so they seek to maximize it. This is my favorite of all my concultures because it provides a concrete answer to the question, "How bad can things really get?" In my worldview, systematic maximization of suffering is literally the worst thing imaginable.

The other world is structured as energy flowing along causal threads that knot and unknot with the passage of time. Their language, (1,4)(3,8)(5,10)(7,2)(9,12)(11,6)#(1,8)(3,10)(5,12)(7,14)(9,2)(11,4)(13,6), is based on knot theory. (I will think of a good Romanization eventually. Probably.) A knot theoretic language would not work in this world because it is computationally expensive, but this does not bother people who directly perceive the answers to our puzzles.

The Martians contact these people through their high energy experiments for creating radioactive materials. My current idea for how they manifest in this world may not sound aesthetically "scientific" enough to fit in with the rest of their lore, so I'm looking for suggestions. In the story, they ask the Martians to bring wiry bodies to inhabit. Martian scientists drop a species of thorny vine bioengineered to grow muscles, a brain, input and output organs into the reactor. The vines rearrange themselves into the pattern of causal knotting that the extradimensionals embody in the other world. They eventually figure out how to locomote and communicate by knotting and unknotting. Because of their looks and what they misperceived as deep insight into the workings of the world, the Martians call them Briar Angels.


If you hold a cat by the tail you learn things you cannot learn any other way. - Mark Twain

In reality, our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness, which indeed is a divine gift. - Socrates

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