South Eresian (with a bit of grammar!)

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Re: South Eresian (just phonology for now, rather unorganize

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Risla wrote:Image
Transcription wrote:ón qéteha hótleha nósi.
xá équeha, xá péreha.
mó qáraha, mó tlápeha nósi.
xá anásen xacót cua, xá péreha nósi.
áya ahéquel incót cua, xá équeha nósi.
éseha nósi.
mó apéren, mó atéchahen mocót ra éseha e t'óc
Could you give a glossing/translation of what that says? Recording it made me curious. (Also, I just realized there was supposed to be some pauses after those <cua>s).

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Re: South Eresian (with a bit of grammar!)

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Sure. It's the first paragraph of their major religious text, called the Rapal ma Hani (literally "frozen/locked wisdom"). There aren't actually any pauses after the cuas; the apostrophe there just signifies a different punctuation mark within the script that introduces a new clause (relative clauses here). This is in rather old-sounding South Eresian; particularly, the formation of relative clauses in the modern language is a bit different, as is some of the animacy marking. I'll gloss it as the modern language, though.

on qet-eha hotl-eha nosy-Ø
NAR silent-SIT still-SIT dark-NOMZ
all silent, all still was the darkness

xa ec-eha xa per-eha
NEG move-SIT NEG change-SIT
nothing moved and nothing changed

mo qar-aha mo tlap-eha nosy-Ø
AUG time-SIT AUG place-SIT dark-NOMZ
the darkness was endless and timeless

xa a-nas-en xa-cot cua xa per-eha nosy-Ø
NEG 3PS.INAN.INDIR-be.placed-3PP.ANIM.ABS NEG-thing LOC NEG change-SIT dark-NOMZ
there was nothing in the unchanging darkness

aya a-ec-el in-cot cua xa ek-eha nosy-Ø
and.then 3PS.INAN.INDIR-move-3PS.INAN.ABS new-thing LOC NEG move-SIT dark-NOMZ
and then something moved within the unmoving darkness

es-eha nosy-Ø
wind-SIT dark-NOMZ
a wind blew in the darkness

mo a-per-en mo a-techah-en mo-cot tla es-eha e t'oc
in the wind, in an instant, everything changed and took shape

NAR = narrative, used for talking about something mythological or which happened a long time ago.

Actually, your recording sounds pretty good, though your [e] and [E] are a bit higher than intended. Really cool, thanks for doing that. :D

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Re: South Eresian (with a font!)

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Risla wrote:Thanks! I didn't expect anyone to bump this up.

I have now written a post on inflectional morphology, pronouns and prepositions in South Eresian. Grammar! Finally!
Just me who was to busy this winter so I missed this thread. Also, it's not every day I find a writing style I really like. Like, hell...adored! I'll check out your grammar soon.
"Khal malenol akher venkhasa!"

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