A Moiety-like System

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Re: A Moiety-like System

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Latinist13 wrote:
Gojera wrote:Wow, that's...complicated. It seems like finding marriage partners would be quite difficult, and you'd have to draw from a very large population group to get a plausibly large pool of possibilities. Probably OK in a large city, but in small town you'd have to shop around in a large region that uses the same system. And you'd probably need a class of professional marriage brokers.
Since a class of professional marriage brokers would be necessary, couldn't such a class grow to form a ruling class in the society, as they would have the power to determine who can marry whom, which could have major consequences in any society?
A ruling class that busies themselves arranging marriages among the commoners? Doesn't seem so likely.
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Re: A Moiety-like System

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what? aristocrats are PIMPS! :D

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Re: A Moiety-like System

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Torco wrote:what? aristocrats are PIMPS! :D
Haha! All I could think about when reading that was this... a Professional In the Management Profession... :mrgreen:

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Sal thinks this is offensive.

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