Cadhinorian Dialects?

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Cadhinorian Dialects?

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In the old Languages of Almea volume 5, on Caďinor (is it telling that I have that printed and in a binder with volume 4? :) ), this section on Classical-era dialects says:

Languages of Almea, volume 5: Caďinor wrote:There seem to have been four major dialect divisions within Caďinor, which we may call the Eärdur, Central, Seraea, and Ctelm Mountain varieties. The standard dialect was of course that of Ctésifon, a Central variety. The northern coast was largely settled by speakers of northern Central dialects; Sarnáe by speakers of Central and Seraean; the development of Sarroc is no doubt influenced by this settlement pattern as well as by its long isolation.

The temptation to posit separate Cainor dialects for each of the descendant languages must however be resisted. There is some truth to the idea that Eärdur dialect developed into Barakhinei, for instance; but overemphasizing such correspondences may blind us to facts which do not fit this neat hypothesis. Communication across the Plain was well developed in the imperial period, and patterns of trade and travel were not those of later times; Barakhinei and Verdurian cannot be rigorously distinguished until well into the third milennium.

I was wondering about the Ctelm Mountain variety. Was this the language of the Cazinorō of the Taucrēte Pass? And does it survive in any way, or did it perish under Munkhâsh?

Yay for me finding a question that's obscure even for my tastes :P

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