Speculations about Eteodaole a few questions, and a request

Questions or discussions about Almea or Verduria-- also the Incatena. Also good for postings in Almean languages.
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Speculations about Eteodaole a few questions, and a request

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I'd been thinking about Eteodaole and trying to wrap my head around the concept. This is the best I've come up with.

Eteodaole has (all of this is pure speculation) two parts: a comment and a purpose. Actual action isn't needed, since that can be conveyed telepathically.
Elkaril, if we excuse a tangent, is halfway between Eteodaole and human languages. It has a fixed phoneme inventory and lexicon, and so on; but it also has the purpose part, and assignment anaphora.
An iliu speaking will start off describing a situation telepathically. There is not a fixed lexicon; actions rarely need to have a lexeme (except when being used in commentary), since they can be telepathically transmitted. The result is that very few concepts have the use needed to have a fixed lexeme. Instead, a word is created on the spot; perhaps front or back vowels are used to create a feel. This enters the comment the same time it appears in the vision, and something resembling Elkaril assignment anaphora to link the sound and the concept.
The purpose works very much like Elkaril. There might be some differences, but I'm only an uestu; I have yet to wrap my head around it. It probably consists of previously assigned lexemes, or perhaps there's a seperate telepathic channel.
The comment is much like music. It serves two purposes: assigning concepts, and being, well, commentary. For example:
TELEPATHY: Iriand gave a present to Alana.
PURPOSE: To love? (Fill in your own purpose here. It doesn't matter.)
COMMENT: High pitch/vowels/happy noises (this is a good thing.)
In some ways it works like the Kebreni benefactive, but it is not just the speaker; and it is not binary, but more like Elkaril adjectives: a continuum.
(This could also lead to the idea that icëlani speak Eteodaole with only the comment stream. But we'll save that for another time.)
As for the writing, that's going to need to include the action. Iainos only knows how that would work...

And some questions:
On the Almea map, there are some people outside of Kowon who are herders. What can they possibly be herding? Pilx? They don't seem big enough.
If, as it appears, people can cross the Zone in modern times (Bekkayin states with Kebreni swords come to mind), why hasn't anybody financed a venture to send a very large fleet out and spend a few years figuring out what the hell is up there? (That could make a good story...sort of like a Verdurian Herodotus.)
There seems to be some evidence for past human civilizations. You note that the Dhekhnami and Kebreni have a slightly ashen/greyish cast, not altogether unlike the Adurise. Hmm...

I've also got a request-apparently there was a document once called "Languages of Almea."
Where can I get it? If anybody has it on your machine, I sure would appreciate you e-mailing it to me at cactus95@verizon.net.

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