Poll: Favourite Almean languages

Questions or discussions about Almea or Verduria-- also the Incatena. Also good for postings in Almean languages.
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Re: Poll: Favourite Almean languages

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Hydroeccentricity wrote:Using the super secret math that only I understand, I came up with this:
Sorry for the digraphs; I am a lazy lady when it comes to charts.

Xurnese is the clear winner, but aside from that the Eastern languages fared poorly. Also, nobody likes the classical languages Cadhinorian or Axunashin, or the Eynleyni languages. Also nobody voted for Proto-Eastern. Such a shame.

Zompist, if you're using this list as customer feedback, the path is clear: stop wasting time giving diachronic context to languages, and stop trying to make us care about the Ktuvok minions. We want more weird hobbit languages and Xs. Lots of Xs.
I'm definitely in favour of diachronic context. Nothing wrong with providing an abundance of different languages to get both the XXX Hobbit film market and the other different sub-markets.

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Re: Poll: Favourite Almean languages

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hydroeccentricity wrote:Using the super secret math that only I understand, I came up with this:
Thanks for doing this. I've been meaning to get round to counting them for a while, but not done with one thing and another cropping up!

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Re: Poll: Favourite Almean languages

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I hate to necro, but I'd like to contribute my favourites: Old Skourene, Wede:i and Kebreni, I think probably in that order. Skourene because I love polypersonal conjugation, the retroflexes, the weird TAM, the lack of proper subordination, almost the whole lot really, and I'd be interested to see how it compares with Tzuro. Wede:i again because polypersonal and with a phonology I also rather enjoy. And Kebreni because again nice phonology but also the wonderfully weird stuff going on with the verbs; it's kinda like Eretald's Basque if you get my drift.

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