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Questions or discussions about Almea or Verduria-- also the Incatena. Also good for postings in Almean languages.
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Barbarian-DEFPL find-ABSPART
Barbarians and Where to Find Them

Nairoşim “they grow things; rustic folk”
Eŋdodiŋu “thou dost continually not live in a city; barbarian”
Gebes “[Axunemi] lord” (Axunemi geivez)
Gem “priest (negative connotations)” (Axunemi jeim)
Gerreṭid “street”
Diḷagḍar “stone-fingered; rough around the edges, unappreciative of finer things"
Ingoanlakeg “desert ([I’m afraid] it will try to keep drying us up)”
Kusdirṣ- “to be civilized; to make civilized”
Kusdreṣa “civilization”
Maŋali “scary place”
Piŋasarki “nasty, horrid; irritating, depressing (undoing pleasentness)”

Ŋairitu kla-raḍḍirigu kla-giritiru, bauneldim nosesuŋeka.
Trade-CYC-2smE or-soil.bear-CYC-2smE or-make-CYC-2smE / speech.understand-3pnA business
You may trade, you may farm or fish, you may make things-- it's all business.

Gşiru nsul-gaşiru.
Command-NEG-2smE therefore-command-DES-2smE
If you're not in charge, you think you should be.
NOTE: The intentive is hidden by the negative, but the desiderative is relayed in the next verb, retroactively marking the first.

Ḍarŋalmim gerrede putlim ḍadŋim eŋul ḷa-guşourir.
Stone.cover-3pnA road-PL trust-INT-3pnA in-3pnA city-GENDEFPL and-hinterland-PL
Proper streets are paved, and the major roads into the hinterland too.

Siapti ḍelu daraŋi Miligenḍiri ḷa-Papliopagimiri ḷa-taraḍimi gamḍarḍui nen-nairoşim aḷ-eŋdodiŋul,
After-DUR-3pmA river-GEN like-DUR-3pmA Miligenḍi-GEN and Papliopagimi-GEN and-alongside-DUR-3pnA-GEN clumsy-hold-REFL-3pm like-rustics and-barbarian-PL
The people upriver-- from Miligenḍi and Papliopagimi and such places-- are not much better than rustics or barbarians;

Lndi şim-upaşmas aḷ-eputela akusmakşi.
Comfort-NEG-3pmA except-despotism and-faith too.much-ABSPART
They only feel comfortable with despotic governments and too much religion.

Nelidi polgimi ṭardaŋi eŋededil ḷa-peulgim oŋlim de-past gelbim, kau-kaḷoşum diḷagḍara ḷa-kusnelnui ḷa-kusgaştui.
Name-2sm-3pm colonist-PL south-live-3pmA delta-GENDEF and-found-3paA city-PL-their since-year 576 / have-3pm finger-stone-PL and-much-talk-REFL-3pm and-much-love-REFL-3pm
The colonists-- a term which you apply to anyone who lives south of the delta, even if their cities were founded half a milennium ago -- are rough around the edges and a little too excitable and full of themselves.
NOTE: Literally, “they talk to themselves and love themselves too much.” Also, I wasn’t sure about the form for eŋededil; should it be ?eŋided instead?

Gamşaglui ukḷukaşi Guṭḷeliki nen-polgimdoḷ.
Clumsy-pride-3pmE vulgar-3pmA Guṭḷelik-PL COMP-colonist-all
The Guṭḷeliki are the worst--proud and vulgar.

Kuaroku ḷa-ṭiḷoki iggeme Aksunaror ḷa-Ḍabriniki, deroki ibboṭşinkoso aḷ-iggebese şilpi ḷa-ḍulni.
Fight-DUR-3pmE and-empty-3pm-3pm ERG-priest-PL Axunemi-PL and Jeori-PL / oppress-3pm-3pm ERG-king-PL and-ERG-lord-PL fat-3pmA and deify-INT-3pmA
The Axunemi and Jeori are warlike, priest-ridden, and oppressed by their "kings" and "lords"-- a fat, idle class who are treated like gods.
NOTE: The word ameloṭ in this case is not used; the Axunemi is preferable to denote the difference in importance; likewise, the word gebes “lord” is directly from Axunemi geivez. Looking over the Skourene lexicon, I find a single example of /z/ in the word roz, borrowed from Axunemi. Is there a reason that the voiced version was maintained?

Kusgidrim ḷa-kusdirşim oŋul Skourand daŋim ṭaldoḷil.
Sup-protect-3pnA and-sup-think-3pnA city-PLDEF Skourene location-3pnA world-GENDEF
The only safe, civilized places in the world are Skourene cities.

Nulidum snisu laŋik kau-dantui diuŋŋababi.
Know-2sm-3sn dvise-NEG-2sm-3sm stranger TOP-go-3pmREFL place-some-GEN
There are some places in them you wouldn't advise a stranger to go alone, of course.
NOTE: To go alone is literally to go with oneself.

Aiomḷona guşouri aṭi-bişiṭim.
CAUS-fear-MET-3pa-2sm hinterland when-travel-2sm-3pn
Rural areas are unsafe and depressing.
NOTE: “With your luck, the hinterlands will cause you to worry when you travel to them.”

Goŋ ḷa-sop ḷa-ingoanlakege maŋalir piŋasarki,
Forest-PL and-mountain-PL and-desert-PL fright.place-PL unpleasant-PL
Forests, mountains, and deserts are nasty, dangerous places.

Taş-diuŋŋagoş aṭi-sosigum ṭal.
Not-home-2smGEN where-smell-NEG-2sm-3sn sea
If you can't smell the sea, it's no place for you.

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