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Post-Babblers Questions [Spoilers]
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Author:  kjbartolotta [ Fri May 13, 2016 10:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Post-Babblers Questions [Spoilers]

Ok, read it, loved it, and now that I have I have questions. Not all Babblers related, and I don't necessarily expect edification. Some of this is kinda rambly.

-Zeilisio- Great guy, good boss, and a nice fit for a fellow like Beretos. Early in the book, I kinda got the impression he wasn't into the ladies. I guess just because he wasn't that into Caumēliye, which, y'know, how could you not be? Also, what exactly was going on with that 'stealing from the glad' story he got busted for. I didn't quite understand the sequence of events that led to Zeilisio getting charged for atheism, I never doubted the man and his integrity but I also didn't trust his story one bit.

-Ganacom- Going out on a limb here, but I feel like there's something 'up' with this guy. I'm assuming he wasn't chosen just because he can hold his liquor, he seems to have a mesmeric ability that's a little Ktuvoky, both over Berak and in his creepy talk with Beretos. Also, he lies with the truth in this very creepy way, and I feel like in the empty castle talk he lets some stuff slip about the Iliu that I had an easy time believing.

-Lado- Kay, so the first time he meets Beretos, it's suspicious. Walking Ganacom mentions the Iliu are going to create an empire on the Plain to counter the Mûnkhashi, and that's exactly what happens later. Of course, the Ktuvoks might bear some responsibility here too. But you do say Lado was on the Plain, possibly. I'm kind of seeing this guy as the Iliu equivalent of Special Circumstances.

-Count of Years Question- The War of Machines was fought in the northern hemisphere, huh? Unless these machines are very biodegradable, I assume there's got to be some interesting ruins up there. Ruins we've never heard about anywhere. I assume someone's found something. Also, what am I to make of those weapon moons? There's an obvious jumping in point for ancient astronauts and Almean UFO's here.

-A HUGE question I can't resist- What the hell is gonna happen when Verduria and Dhekhnam go to war? There's very little we know about Dhekhnam, just that its advanced and there might be some human/ktovok accord happening. When the war does come, I feel like, best case, it would have about the same level of catastrophe and upheaval as WWI, but also, you have the question of the Ktuvoks and the Iliu. It seems impossible that the Iliu would be able to avoid getting involved and, let's face it, there's too much industrialization and marine expansion for them to stay Prime Directive much longer. Is there a chance the coming conflict may bring a closer relationship between human and Iliu? And, an even more heretical a notion, is it possible human, illiu, and ktuvok might someday reach a stage of detente? I don't know if it's impossible. Icky, yes.

-Last unrelated question- If Čeiy it's such a nice place to live, how do they deal with the obvious elephant in the room? Can we pretty please get some more information on Bezaxau?

Author:  zompist [ Sat May 14, 2016 5:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Post-Babblers Questions [Spoilers]

I'm glad you liked the book!

It's quite possible Zeilisio is gay or bisexual. Also possible that he simply never viewed Caumēliye romantically, and in a culture of arranged marriages he didn't really have to.

As for the Glade, my intent was for the story to be as Zeilisio describes: the pietist party was caught in corruption, and in revenge tried to smear Zeilisio for the same.

On Ganacom... one of my pet peeves is villains who are just Eeeevil. I don't think anyone thinks for a minute that the Mouth of Sauron has anything interesting to say. It would be inadvisable to trust Ganacom, but if you feel that he had a point, he did his job. :)

The one problem with ruins is that anything from the War of Chaos, the last war, is almost 30,000 years old. Archeology hasn't really started yet on Almea, but I'm not sure how much would remain.

I do hope to get back to Almea's future history, but can't do it yet...

Author:  kjbartolotta [ Wed May 18, 2016 12:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Post-Babblers Questions [Spoilers]

It's possible I may have read into some things more than intended. Wouldn't be the first time! Ganacom's...I dunno, you sorta see how rigid Beretos is and how he has this 'no one's being honorable, so I give up!' attitude. Ganacom's the better Resident, more flexible and adaptable, and I find him not quite eeevil but rather terrifying.

Yeah, seems the fiction's taking a backseat to nonfiction, which, hey man, I'll read your nonfiction too. Still, there seems to be some big metaplot happening in Almea, and it always leave me wondering. Enough to know you DO have thoughts on the subject.

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