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Artifexian - conworlding & conlanging

Posted: Mon Dec 21, 2015 2:26 am
by Jonlang
So I came across this guy named Edgar, and his YouTube channel Artifexian a few weeks back and have been watching his videos. Now I'm not sure about Edgar's credentials but he is a very charming, funny Irishman and he at least appears to know what he's talking about. His videos (especially the conlanging ones) should be watched by anyone new to conlanging and by anyone who wants to see a fresh, lighthearted take on conlanging and conworlding which others don't offer. He tends to do alternating videos on conlanging and conworlding.

I'm not sure if Edgar is a member here (I ran a search for "Artifexian" and found nothing) or if he visits. As you might expect he has the usual social media outlets and the link to his YouTube channel is below.

Artifexian YouTube channel