Conworld : le lerowukta , ereissu-nifhki , domaŕupa nǩakarak

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Conworld : le lerowukta , ereissu-nifhki , domaŕupa nǩakarak

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The Ereissu-Nifh (can be translated by Awaken People or Federated People) are a Kesthri ("civilisation") of at least two intelligent species : the Lerowukta and Reisstziayixi (don't know what they are, I only know for sure that they are the main inspiration of the Japanese myth of kitsunes).

Lerowukta looks like these things :

Lerowukta is written with only one glyph, because that lerowukta is the name of the letter +13 in xerossu abugida
leucrocutas are "designed" to walk at choice on four or two legs, quadrupede or bipedal
lerowukta don't hava ears, instead they ear sounds via their horns : vibrations in horns are diretly transmited to an organ similar to inner ear, a four-lobed cavity with fibers generating electrical field when exitated by vibrations, and other fibers who start to vibrate when submitted to electrical field variations. The mecanism is a positive loop back feed, stopped by active inhibition mecanism. Sounds are transmitted to brain by the vibrations in lobes with fibers are causing fluctuations of a central pressurised collumn. Pressure changes are measured and transmitted to central nervous sytem to be perceived as sounds.
Lerowuktas can be compared to surricate-hyenas with horns, some feathers on the head and back following spine. And layer of reptilian scales protecting torso and belly.

This is a very advenced civilisation, but due to their psycological traits, their natural capabilities and story of their people, they have a way of life that can seems a little "primitive", with a very shamanic culture. They developped synthetic biology and GMOs long before they discovered electronics and computers. And they rapidly dropped electronic computers in favor of organic computers, living synthetic creatures used as CPUs.
They have a good level in mathematics and physics, probably far better than on earth.

Their homeworld (domarupa : doma, on of the three words for house with "gaeta" and "kassa", meaning also temple / sacred place, rupa, [in this context:] territory) is a planet called nǩakarak (hostile/rought place)

It's a difficult land, were a very hard climate on surface, and the Ereissu-Nifh inhabit mainly natural caves or deep excavated "bunkers". The biggest cities are constructed like this :

but since they are now a space travel enabled civilisation, they landed and established colonies on other planets.
They call their spacecrafts "hdodamanao" , literally "the tree floating in void", and there is a popular song dating from the space conquest era called "hdodamanaolupkassa" (the deperture of spacecrafts leaving home) :

Another important thing is that lerowuktas are naturally equiped wih a radio transceiver : they receive radio waves by tunning and organ playing role of an antenna array, located at lower part of the neck, and they can also send bursts of electromagnetic waves.
This enable lerowuktas to be in permanent artificial telepathy with other lerowuktas nearby, and thus forming some kind of proto-global consciousness that they call by the name of "gahena-domazou"

Langua Franca used by the Ereissu-Nifh federation is the Xerossu , some examples of lexicon :
adoxiß down to the end of the road
ædemnel tall tree / world-tree
æidāl animal/vegetal creatures
æidnenlenentzen the trickster
ætāxi equilibrium
æte « there is » connector
ætlater glyph +1 : bud
ætru cross over
ætyr sky
æxifaruwke acropolis
æyit source
æþu arrow
æþurufaruk "cosmic strings" / foundations
æþuruw tower / pillar / support / hold
aïstos bottom of the cliff / land bellow sea level
akpsuholt name of glyph -5 
alæmn traveler
aleißa system core / kernel
almæchi synthesize (chemical compound)
ame « in this » connector
amnūndo well-known places
āmuti above average
ao great size
aoma fly above
aorka to bend
aotlaturitza rise to high-state
apticoyl glyph -4, drone
aput aggressiveness / hostility / malice
Xerossu is a semi isolationist mainly OSV language, extremely flexible and using lot of abstract ideas and poetic words ("inanuktzel" "the fur of clouds" => fluffy appearance of clouds, "aorka aetyr" "to bend the sky" => rainbow, "davþukatri" "fire stick of war" => firearm), there is also agglitinant mecanisms with particles in prefix and suffix : ka (now) , ki (here [and now], this object) , ru (in front of a verb : I actor, at tail of a verb : I object), wa (you actor or you object) , wu (idem for us/you plural), ...) and inflective mecanisms with words mainly used in their radical form and void tonallity (used to ask questions and exprimate that something is missing), but at least 14 other forms exists for words, following a philosophic concept named "the 4 paths" : "ascending in light, shadow behind us" (xilenahuatlyabahuatl) "stable in light, shadow behind us" (hbulenahuatlyabahuatl) "descending in light, shadow behind us" (talenahuatlyabahuatl) , "ascending in light, shadow in front of us" (xilenahuatlbayahuatl) , "stable in light, shadow in front of us" (hbulenahuatlbayahuatl) , "descending in light, shadow in front of us" (talenahuatlbayahuatl) , "ascending in shadow, light behind us" (xilehuatlyabanahuatl) , "stable in shadow, light behind us" (hbulehuatlyabanahuatl) , "descending in shadow, light behind us" (talehuatlyabanahuatl) , "ascending in shadow, light in front of us" (xilehuatlbayanahuatl) , "stable in shadow, light in front of us" (hbulehuatlbayanahuatl) , "descending in shadow, light in front of us" (talehuatlbayanahuatl).
Words are by default indicating some kind of indefinite plural form , formal singular or plural is achieved by adding quantifiers : "eina uhwa" (a truth) , "le uhwa" (these truths), "lenun uhwa" (too much thruths), "patmani uhwa" (a lot of truths) , "na-uhwa" (no truth)
propositions are linked between them by a great ammount of logical connectors like : "le" "het" "ame" "ati" "ari" "aruw" "numa" "nun" "tze" "em" "emhet" "hāmru" "in" "wa" "jubzi" "ate" "wūwa" "ksa"...

pronunciations :
Ereissu-Nift , Kesthri , Reisstziayixi , Nkakarak :
Domarupa , Doma , gaeta , kassa , rupa , hdodamanao , hdodamanaolupkassa :
gahena-domazou :
lexicon sample :
Scheindorf Herljos of the Ereissu-Nifh Keshtri from Nǩakarak

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