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This thread contains information on my current conworld, which contains Fuhe. I don't have a name for the whole world right now. While I will eventually explain the structure of the Kätänä-to-Kinu-Mutai in Fuhe proper, this post will be about the court religion of Niija, on the other side of the world, and the astrology of the Kirmitites, in a nearby continent.
King Delimaat II came under the influence of Bèthoberak, a former ascetic monk of the Monhindikxat school in the East mountains. Though there were wishperings in the court at the time that Bèthoberak was a wizard who had to much influence over the king, Bèthoberak's Monhindikxatism spread throughout the court and eventually the entire kingdom, as King Delimaat II made it illegal to take the civil service exams without being a practicing Monhindikxatist.
Monhindikxatism is said to have been influenced by Arrungi thought.
The King asked Bèthoberak to write a guide on Monhindikxatism called "The Illustrious and Royal Volume on Monhindikxatism , Moral Propriety, and the Deification of Man", Often shortented to just "the First Royal Volume".
The Basic philosophy of Bèthoberak's Monhindikxatism is that the world was created by a deity called Mamao Joitaka, who had once been a human on another world, who was deified and created the world. There are an infinite numbers of worlds in Bèthoberak's Monhindikxatism, but what generation of deity is Mamao Joitaka is "Forbidden speculation". The whole purpose of man is to, by "Moral propriety" and " extensive Meditation", to become a deity (Joitaka) and create their own world. Bèthoberak taught that ussually "deification" happaned after death, when the deified would come to a friend in a dream, but "very rarely, a person could be deified while alive, their body turning into gold dust. If someone was not deified in this lifetime, they would be reincarnated until they were, though always as a human, unless they were especially "Morally evil". Joitakas were said to be nigh omniscient and omnipotent. Those deified in this world could be prayed to as deities, as despite being supreme deity of their own world, they still had a connection to this one.
The dead were to be kept partially embalmed for a week. If a dream revealed they were deified, they would be mumified and placed in splendid tomb, to be prayed to. If not, they would be creamated, and their ashes would be scattered over the rice paddies that fed the place they died in.
A record was kept of all Joitakas, and they often became like "patron Saints" in IRL Roman Catholicism. An example is Fadharom, a woman who was jilted by her fiance, and thus became an ascetic, living at Bèthoberak's tomb, eating only two riceballs per day, sleeping only two hours a night and meditating for the rest of the time. She did this for 33 years, at which point she died. She appeared to the keeper of tomb in a dream, and was deified. Fadharom's tomb thus became a pilgrimage site for those seeking luck in love, or for those facing problems in romance or marraige.

The Kirmitites have a rich system of astrology. Stars are classified as either "Moon Stars" or "sun stars". Moon stars are stars that are visible at midnight of the summer solstice, plus all the classical planets, except for Mercury and Venus. All others are Sun Stars. A person's horoscope is cast based on the positions or theoretical positions (if born by day) of the Sun and Moon stars at the time of birth in combination with his zodiac sign. (It is worth noting that the World of Fuhe is Earth, just with magic and alternative continents.) It is very important to cast a possible royal heir's horoscope. Only the son of the King with the most favorable horoscope is considered heir to the throne. Officers are also chosen from the nobles based on their horoscope, ie, if they have a war horoscope, they become generals, if they havbe a "Star" horoscope, they become astrologers. Based on time of year and of day, and the positions of the planets, various ventures are considered fortuitous or unfortuitous.

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