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PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 4:54 pm 

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Here's the second conning I'm doing. Hooray!

My goal here was to create a slick-sounding phonology, so understand my lack of phonemes like /p/, and /g/, and /t/.

The vowel system is-

/i, y, u, e, o, a/.

The diphthongs are-

ai (written as 'ai' in the coming alphabet)- makes the 'y' sound in 'sky'
ui (written as ui)- like 'we'
ue (written as ue)- like 'weh'
ia (written as ya, because i want to)- like 'ya'
au (written as au)- makes the 'ow' sound in 'wow'
iu- (written as iu)- like 'eww'

The consonants are- /m,b,f,n,d,s, ɳ, k, j, w, r*, ʃ, ʒ, z, h, ʎ, l, θ, ð, v, tʃ/

*- r is a trill.

There's my phonology. Feel free to dig into this. One issue I'm having is understanding how to make a 'realistic' phonology- vowel systems, I'm good, but realistic consonants, i can't find anything on that.


PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 7:05 pm 
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So the stops and affricates, taken together, are /b d tʃ k/. That's interesting. Voice onset time tends to be longer after stops further back in the mouth, so a setup like that makes sense in and of itself. But you have a lot of fricatives: /f v θ ð ʃ ʒ/ plus the glottal /h/. I think it's still plausible, but the combination of a full voice distinction in the fricatives with no voice distinction in the stops is more unusual than the stop inventory just taken on its own.

Even so, there are some languages that have voice distinction in fricatives but not in stops: the Eskimo-Aleut languages, or at least some of them. The only difference is that their stops are entirely voiceless rather than split between voiced stops in the front of the mouth and voiceless in the back.

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