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Aʻatun Scratchpad: Grammar
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Author:  yangfiretiger121 [ Thu May 31, 2018 3:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Aʻatun Scratchpad: Grammar

I'm rehashing this topic somewhat. However, I want a fresh start to reflect the broader scope of the topic from the start. The old topic closed with me mentioning the adjectival suffix <-khi>, which is now rendered as <-(o)xi>, and giving examples of its use. That dovetails with this topic because the first subject up for discussion will be declension. Currently, I'm happy with the vowel-based, three declension system in use. It's as follows: I declension nouns end in the front and central vowels <i u e>; II declension nouns end it the back vowels <o a>; and III declension nouns end in consonants. My original concept was attaching the inflectional endings as suffixes (see below) and using contextual plurals. Real languages seem to treat the final sound as a suffix to the stem. On the cases, locative has merged with genitive and vocative with instrumental while there was never an ablative. Are there any real-life examples of m original idea for nouns? The noun declensions below are formatted original→current.

I Declension (Amani ['ɑ.mɑ.ɴi])
Nom./Acc.: Amani
Gen.: Amanio (['ɑ.mɑ.ɲⱺ])→Amano (['ɑ.mɑ.ɴⱺ]) (-o)
Dat.: Amanith (['ɑ.mɑ.ɴiθ]) (-th)→?
Ins.: Amanik (['ɑ.mɑ.ɴik]) (-k)→?

II Declension (Aura [ɑ.ʉ'ʀɑ]: Emperor/Empress)
Nom./Acc.: Aura
Gen.: Aurae ([ɑ.ʉ'ʀɑ.ᴇ])→Aurae ([ɑ.ʉ'rᴇ]) (-e)
Dat.: Aurazh ([ɑ.ʉ'ʀɑʒ]) (-zh)→?
Ins.: Aurai ([ɑ.ʉ'ʀɑ.i])→Auri ([ɑ.ʉ'ri]) (-i)

III Declension (Nanfian [ɴɑŋ'fʲɑɴ]: Immortal)
Nom./Acc.: Nanfian
Gen.: Nanfianghi ([ɴɑŋ'fʲɑɴ.ɣi])→Nanfiaghi ([ɴɑŋ'fʲɑ.ɣi]) (-ghi)
Dat.: Nanfianu ([ɴɑŋ'fʲɑ.ɴʉ])→Nanfiau ([ɴɑŋ'fʲɑ.ʉ]) (-u)
Ins.: Nanfianio ([ɴɑŋ'fʲɑ.ɲⱺ]) (-io [jo])→?

Original declension of adjectival -(o)xi
Nom./Acc./Gen./Dat./Ins.: -(o)xi [-ⱺχi -xi -χi]

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Author:  yangfiretiger121 [ Tue Jun 12, 2018 9:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Aʻatun Scratchpad: Grammar

Immortal, which is nanfían ([ɴɑŋ'fi.ɑɴ]) in Aʻatun, can be either a noun or an adjective in English. If nanfían has that same interaction (not sure it will), do I need an adjectival suffix, such as -(o)xí, for it?

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