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Re: The dream thread

Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 4:39 am
by Imralu
My mum was relentlessly coming after me with an axe and she could run faster than me.

Re: The dream thread

Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 2:15 pm
by Pole, the
Imralu wrote:My mum was relentlessly coming after me with an axe and she could run faster than me.
For a moment I thought it's the venting thread and was a bit horrified.

Re: The dream thread

Posted: Mon Mar 13, 2017 3:49 pm
by Imralu
Pole, the wrote:
Imralu wrote:My mum was relentlessly coming after me with an axe and she could run faster than me.
For a moment I thought it's the venting thread and was a bit horrified.
Lol. It actually wasn't even distressing in the dream ... and it was kind of like a movie, like a lot of my dreams are, so it was more like the my-mother character and the me-character. The me-character was distressed but I wasn't ... but when I woke up there was a big What The Fuck in my head.

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Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 7:00 am
by Imralu
I was in a room with two friends of mine in Australia. They had made the most ridiculous video to promote learning Auslan. They also had a pet squirrel, like a red squirrel but bigger and mostly black, with red only around the face and back (I guess inspired by a red panda's black belly). I was crouching on the back of a sofa meowing like a cat. This caused several military men operating some things over on one side of the room to turn around and look. It also hot the squirrel's attention and it came over to me. I asked my friend's what the squirrel's name was and it was The Peanut Butter Jelly Man and I woke up with that in my head like a little jingle. Best name for a pet ever!

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Posted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 9:39 am
by Soap
"The 6 Kennedys"

It was night time and there were a lot of people with me outside. Six very large, shining objects were visible in the sky. They looked like skyscrapers turned sideways, as if they were buildings that were oriented horizontally instead of vertically. Someone tld me that they were spaceships, and had been modeled after the Kennedy Space Station, which in this dream was apparently a satellite in Earth's orbit. The six "Kennedys" were taking up most of the sky now, and were moving around. Suddenly one of them broke into pieces, and started falling to Earth. as the pieces fell they were bouncing off of various objects and we were only saved from being crushed because the one piece that was headed towards us instead got blocked by two large buildings on either side of us.

I think there was a middle section in this dream where people were warning that the Kennedys could break into pieces, and I was skeptical, and therefore I was caught off guard when it happened whereas some of the other people had already hidden themselves in sheltered places nearby.

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Posted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:18 am
by Soap
A former boss at my workplace who had been fired earlier was now back again, although he was just one of many managers, not the one in charge.

The store made a new rule that everyone leaving the building during or after normal work hours had to have 2 photographs taken of them, one from the front and one from the back, both showing the whole body.

For most other people this was no problem. When the former manager came to take my photos, though, he spent a long period of time feeling me around, playing with tiny details like how much hair was over my right ear, and things like that. I realized he enjoyed what he was doing and that, because of the new store policy, there was nothing I could do about it. For what its worth, this guy went off of store property to take the pictures, so presumably if I wanted to complain of sexual harassment there would be no evidence. (I'm a man, and this person was not gay as far as I know in real life, but in the dream, he seemed to be.)

In the dream I reacted more or less how I expect I'd react if this happened for real: the whole feeling around my body was mildly annoying, yes, but the fact that it took him an hour to take 2 photos was far more annoying, because in real life I absolutely hate it when people Im stuck waiting for are even just a little bit late.


A couple maybe ~60 yrs old was sharing a large apt bldg with some teens. The owner of the building, who was responsible for all maintenance work, had recently moved out, and that former owner was searching for a new owner. They apparently chose a frail elderly couple perhaps in their 80s to be the new owners, and the dream consisted mostly of me listening to the ~60 yrs old coiple talk about how horrible an idea it was, as they could barely get up and down the stairs, and all the bad things that had happened in the bldg during the time the younger couple had lived there and how ill-equipped the elderly couple would be to handle them if they happened again. Hiring a middle man to do the work seemed not to be an option in this dream.

Apr 25
i just lay down for half an hour or so and got these visions, plus a few others I dont remember. Each vision is separate from the others. I dont think these are true dreams, but i had no control over any of them except perhaps the same type of subconscious control that appears in ordinary dreams:

i hit a man at least twice my size by pushing a cash register drawer into him and he fell backwards on top of me. i ran away.

Running rapidly up a hill at night in winter, suddenly it seems the hill is so steep Im running upside down,. But Im actually just falling rapidly through a hole in the earth, hundreds of feet deep, and it feels great.

sitting on a chair surrounded by dozens of small children, of whom 3 are standing right in front of me. on the right is a boy who is talking slowly, about some other children who were stealing his bubblegum, but he seemed happy overall and perhaps i was at a childern's party.

Falling again, but this time a huge and heavy (but somehow invisible) salamander-type creature is crawling up out of my mouth. it must have been much larger than me based on how big it felt and how long it kept coming as i was falling.

I think that "dream" 1 and 2 are actually part of the same vision, despite saying up above that they were separate. now that Im more fully awake i remember running away from the man (who actually was a former boss of mine, named Andy) and into the winter scene.

Two of the visions involved me falling, both very forcefully. This sounds like ... ypnic_jerk except that in both cases the falling sensation lasted for quite a while and was pleasant at least in the 1st case.

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Posted: Wed Apr 26, 2017 7:12 am
by Soap
I was in southern Florida visiting my grandparents. Their home was large and spacious, and I much preferred it to living with my parents back home in New England. I remember being jealous when I found out that their house cost only about $370,000, since our house in Maine cost over $600,000 despite being smaller and less luxurious. I wanted to stay.

I remember being in a library or similar building asking someone about how to make an ISP from Florida stick when I get back home, so I could appear to be connecting from Florida. I dont remember what she said, but I remember reading about VPN's and how I could connect remotely to the Florida computer from home as long as that computer was on. But I seem to have been distracted by an offer for a domain name mask for (I think) $5.99 for three months, which was almost as cheap as registering a domain name itself.

Note, both of the house price figures above are far higher than reality, but in the dream, they were true. Also, none of my grandparents ever lived in Florida.


Some Orthodox Jewish couples in Israel, mostly living in the highlands, were voluntarily moving into the West Bank to live among Muslims, saying that Israel had corrupted Judaism and that the best way to live was to return to the days before Israel was a state by leaving Israel. These people were not Muslim converts, but Orthodox Jews who rejected Zionism. They said that if the West Bank was not safe for them to live, they would find the nearest Muslim country that was.


Video games me a and effect when played opens a door, so house all system won't trap. 864 Hz. Hackers break into peoples he's with fakenwhistele. Ham radio helps s9pve problem

Ham radio wants more ppwer, but nature is impotent. They put rivers in-house but not trees

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Posted: Tue May 16, 2017 7:23 pm
by Soap
Hi it's me again.

I seem to be in a bathroom, but outdoors. There is plenty of space around and no ceiling above me. To the left of the toilet is a "wine dispenser", pretty much like a water cooler but it dispenses white wine. For free. In a bathroom. Behind and to the left of the wine dispenser is a stack of five empty wine dispenser boxes, of which one (the topmost one, i think) has the dispenser spout still in it, indicating that perhaps it had needed to be replaced. I seem to remember being the one who had drunk that topmost one, and realized that I had probably been the one that had drunk most of the others as well.

But I wasn't interested in drinking right now. I went to the sink to wash my hands, and saw what I thought was more wine dripping down from somewhere above me. But I looked up and saw that it was actually a man pissing down from his (apartment?) window high above me into the sink of the outdoor bathroom. He had perfect aim and I couldn't really wash my hands there anymore. I ran away, along the side of what was apparently a very large building, but he turned and kept arching his urine stream higher up so that it would go farther. He hit me in the face with his pee a couple of times as I was backing away (I didn't turn around for some reason, but actually ran sideways and almost backwards, perhaps clinging to a fence or part of the building), and his stream became bright yellow as it got longer and longer. Finally I got out of his reach, and his urine stream turned bright green just as it finally failed to reach me.


I am watching the Young Turks on a gigantic, touch-enabled, smart-screen TV. On the screen is a tappable assortment of a whole bunch of Young Turks clips, one of which is about "Solid Soap Guy", a man with a janitor's mop-and-bucket who apparently stopped a raging elephant by simply making the floor in front of the elephant too slippery to walk on. The elephant stopped running rather than attempt to try to cross the soapy floor.


Getting a new apartment in "Peyron", apparently an umbrella corporation that owned various apartment complexes. The staff of the Peyron Apartment Company was entirely female. I remember visiting one of the apartments, not to buy it but because a family I hadnt seen in many years was living there and I wanted to meet up again. I remember looking for hand sanitizer in the mother's bedroom of this apartment and then nearly falling through a large, almost perfectly square, hole in the floor.

But all in all, I was impressed with the Peyron apartments, and the rent was a mere $10, or $30, or $80 a month, depending on how luxurious of a pad I wanted. (So yes, this is one of my "pamper me!" dreams.) I had a male roommate and I dont remember much about him but he seemed like someone I would enjoy living with.

Somewhere in the apartment complex was a woman screaming in pain, pleading for people to come help her when nobody would. Her name may have been Callista, and if so this is probably a surfacing of a character from stories I wrote about when I was young and didn't really have a lot of sympathy for people who needed my help. This person was actually based on a real person I had seen in real life earlier who was in a mental hospital struggling with pain and seemingly being unable to cooperate with the doctors. In this dream, I think she was still in pain, but was on the way to recovery and therefore I was happy that she was there rather than being distressed. Still, I didnt seem interested in helping her directly or even meeting her.

This dream is very fragmented, but I consider it to be a single dream.

I was doing inventory at the store I worked at. Everybody got to pick which section they wanted to do. Nobody picked candy, clothing, "accessories" (apparently a duplication of some other sections, including more candy), and a few other sections I dont remember.

There was an elephant in a cave full of water, that was either swimming or walking along the bottom of the body of water. But the water seemed to be pretty deep, at least towards the center. Somebody on the other end of the cave spotted the elephant with a powerful flashlight (that could "turn 530°"), but the very fact that he had found the elephant caused him to be incriminated as the perpetrator of some previous and entirely unrelated crime, because apparently the person who had committed the crime had always had a fear of elephants and attacked innocent elephants purely out of hatred and perhaps fear. The elephant had seemingly been placed in the cave in order to lure the man into a trap. I'm not sure if this is somehow related to my last dream, which also involved an elephant, since in this dream the elephant seems to have been involved in some event outside the dream, or if it's just a coincidence that I dreamt about elephants twice in a row.

I remember a woman telling me "Tampon is nine." :? (I'm a male.) I remember being offered a medication called "Tamponazole", but I think this may have been a different dream that I only just remembered now. I had had a dream when I was about 13 years old involving a girl mailing me a tampon as a prank, and I think tampons might appear in my dreams from time to time as a subconscious recollection of this "bad at the time, but pretty funny in retrospect" long-ago dream. Going even deeper (no pun intended), I think tampons might appear in dreams as a subtle reminder of how humiliated I felt when the girl whose gift I'd been waiting for for so long turned out to have just mailed me a tampon, and therefore are symbolic of women getting the best of me.

Later in the dream, I am at a banquet in a large building offering free unlimited food of a wide assortment of varieties. George Soros was funding the banquet, but his money was coming to us indirectly, through a chain involving three levels of donors. His name was in purple neon lights in the waiting room of the restaurant.

Although the food was unlimited, unlike my other "free food for everyone" dreams, we could only eat a little at a time and for some reason we were eating it directly off the table with just napkins instead of plates. Still, all of us were happy and the food was very tasty and filling. A few people who were apparently not invited to the banquet showed up to complain, and they seemed to be of Indian descent, perhaps even just a single large family. We were eating beef, but Im not sure if my dream self even made the connection between India and a taboo on beef, or if it was just a random detail my brain came up with for no apparent reason. I think the person directly feeding us may have also been Indian. There was a wasabi-like sauce available to dip the meat in, but it was orange, like chipotle sauce.

Anyway, the "complainers" refused to eat any of the food, and instead started dumping used batteries on the floor, since apparently the organization that was feeding us was also a recycling center that was obliged to take any unwanted, depleted batteries and recycle them free of charge. They were also overturning the trash cans in the restaurant. They seemed to be trying to start a fight, and one of them (a young boy) may have threatened to bring in a whole sack of batteries, knowing we would have to wrap and seal them up individually just to meet our obligations as a battery recycling depot. I said to the boy "Go ahead!" and then immediately regretted it, as I knew the boy was serious and the others with me knew it too. I remember backing away silently and letting everyone else speak. I think I went back to eating and then woke up.

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Posted: Sun May 21, 2017 6:38 pm
by zompist
The other night I dreamed that one of the Beatles had died. And when I woke up, it was true.

Only it was John Lennon, who died almost 40 years ago.

I guess my subconscious only just now caught up.

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Posted: Thu May 25, 2017 2:01 pm
by hwhatting
Ummm... you know that, actually, two of them have died by now, right? ;-)

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Posted: Fri May 26, 2017 11:08 am
by Imralu
I had a dream that I was at work and when my boss and his business partner thought no one was there, they just started speaking with each other ... with their mouths and their ears, not their hands and eyes as they do in real life. That meant they've been lying to everyone for years. I was pretty disturbed by that.

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Posted: Sat Jun 03, 2017 12:04 pm
by Soap
I just remember fragments of two dreams, both from last night, when I went to bed unusually early, woke up at 2am, took a sleeping pill and went back to sleep. Im not sure whether the dreams are from the first sleep episode, the second, or one from each.

June 3

I was in a bathroom and the power went out. I was in a hospital, and the bathroom had become essentially a private room for me, not restricted to its usual purpose. The power came back on shortly afterwards but I seem to have decided not to turn the light back on for some reason.

I was on my computer, working on conlangs, and I was beginning work on a vast southern branch of the Tapilula family that I seem to have created from scratch. I seemed to have an unlimited amount of time to work on the languages and it had become the only thing in my life that I needed to work on. I didnt even care if I made anything decent or not, it was just a goal in itself.

The branch may have been an extension of Subumpamese into Pabap territory, and it seemed to remind me of fish for some reason, and the color aqua like that of tropical seas. Geographically, and to some extent culturally, Subumpam is like Europe, and Paba is like Russia. That is, Subumpam is small but has lots of independent cultures within it, whereas Paba is huge but consists of just a single culture that grew much faster than the native minorities and came to assimilate them. Thus, an extension of Subumpamese covering Pabap territory would be roughly equivalent to constructing seven more branches of PIE, all spoken in what is now Russia, each as different from the others as any other PIE branch is to the rest of PIE.

Sometimes I wish I had a taste for ''a posteriori'' conlangs so that I really could derive seven more branches of PIE, but every time I've tried, I've either made something horrible (when deriving from modern languages) or just gotten frustrated at how difficult it is to derive words from a language where people can't even agree on the reconstruction (when deriving from PIE or proto-Germanic). So I may pursue my dream, but it will be seven branches of Subumpamese, not of PIE, and I will likely keep them private.

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Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 5:42 am
by Soap
Our local high school shutdown and was replaced with a Korean singles club.

There are almost no Asians here, and even in the dream, I knew that and started wondering what was about to happen. I figured that the new singles club must have already enrolled hundreds of members before they took over the building, meaning that hundreds of Koreans would be moving here soon, or at least spending signinficant time in this part of the town.

Dream almost certainly caused in part by talking about Koreans in LA shortly before going to bed. Also the fact that our local middle school (sic; not the high school) is likely about to convert itself into an elementary school.

I think this dream also involved passing by a certain store that exists only in my dreams that sells beer; I didn't go in the store, it just always occupies the same place on the particular street that this dream took place on.

edit: more i'll write about later: 1) christmas supplies in store in June, all people saying it was normal 2) 4/5 pufo in boxes

3)at school going from bdlg to bdlg .... last official day of school was Thuirsday, and i was asking if i would be allowed to stay until thursday and a woman said yes but a woman a few feet to her right seemed to disageeee. they were seated ij booths and there were comptuer equipment around,. this was in Vermont.

"tut pixels o.o on dinosaurs up jpjpjpjp4..cantsee33333di no saur4444rrrr" <-- i typed this on a phone with autocorrect, will fix to normal when i remember what it is

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Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 8:34 am
by Bristel
Had a dream that a scientist revealed to me that the world was in danger, and that I was to go into space to be a part of a colony on Mars. The reasoning was a predicted increase in solar output and unexpected shift in the obliquity of the Earth. It should be about 23.4 degrees, but something knocked it off of normal.

She also told someone else that I really like, but added that it was a Yellowstone eruption that would happen a week after. Once we were told, the official countdown timer began on a screen with a map of the estimated initial impact of the eruption (much like the stupid Supervolcano fauxcumentary). After we were getting ready to take ourselves and families to the evacuation center.

The scientist's family appeared, and she freaked out because her second dog had run off, so we went off to look for it. That's about the gist of it, and there were more dreams from last night but I can't quite remember them.

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Posted: Wed Jun 21, 2017 11:34 am
by Soap
I was fighting a large feral dog in some sort of organized contest which was considered to be equally matched. I could say it was a wolf, since even wild animals in my dreams often seem to have calm, domesticated-like emotions (that's probably pretty common for other people too?), but this dog had a body form that doesn't resemble that of a wolf. I'd say it looked essentially like a timberwolf but about twice as long (i specifically remember that the dog's body was longer than I was tall, and its shoulder height was around the level of my upper thighs).

The fight was taking place outdoors in a woody area, but the dog and I were in a field that was clear of trees. Around us was an audience consisting of many humans and many dogs sitting on the grass, and the dogs in the audience seemed to look like the one I was fighting. It was set up like a boxing or wrestling match, but with biting as the main method of attacking rather than punching or grappling.

The dog had long, sharp teeth and a mouth that opened very wide even for its already large body size. I knew that if I was bitten even just once, the fight would be over and I would lose whatever it was we were fighting for. I dont remember how I defended myself in the dream, but I know that I was fighting the dog bare-handed, without using sticks or other natural handheld objects. I seemed not to be afraid, though.

Not long after the fight began, I called in seven dogs from the audience to join the fight on my side. This seemed to turn the fight in my favor, and I think the dog I was fighting actually said "Good move!" or something (in an actual voice, not telepathy). But the other dogs just surrounded the first one instead of biting, etc, so I still needed to actually do my own fighting in order to win. I wasnt sure what to do next ... to get to the other dog, I had to walk past the circle of seven dogs that was preventing him from getting out to attack me. But I knew that if one of the dogs moved aside to let me through, my opponent would immediately race through the same opening and bite me.

But before I could do anything more, the original dog called in 24 more dogs to fight on *his* side. I dont think these dogs were allowed to physically harm me either, but they were blocking my path and I knew I had no way of sneaking between them in order to get to the other side. Like most dogs, they were wider at their bottoms when sitting up, so I could see between their shoulders, but they were very large as well, and even if they for some reason stood still and let me walk between them sideways on my tiptoes, I couldnt see a way to fit my body through. Out of ideas, I surrendered the match and the dog celebrated his victory.


Animal encounters in my dreams seem to always be hostile, either involving physical violence against humans or the threat of it. Even one dream I had where I met a sheep in cemetery quickly developed into a fight where the sheep was biting my thighs, while I was just trying to pull him off of me rather than actually cause harm to the sheep. Most of the time this is playful violence, though, such as a recent dream where a vulture bit open my throat because I made fun of him while I was flying beside him using my arms.

I would put this dream in the playful violence category as well, since I seem to have volunteered for a fight I had no realistic chance of winning, but wasn't afraid of what would happen to me.


I seem to have had a few other dreams last night, but they were so brief and mundane that they're not worth mentioning. Only thing I remember that was that my sleeping pill was interacting badly with Norton AntiVirus, and both of them seemed to be chemicals found in spray bottles. The dream was much longer than this, and involved people explaining to me what was happening, but I dont remember the details and they didnt seem worth writing down even to me.

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Posted: Sun Jul 16, 2017 9:10 am
by Soap
Another very typical dream for me, I didnt bother writing it down so I dont remember much of it. I was attending some sort of therapy, which ran roughly from 9am to 3pm, in a large building, or possibly several buildings, somewhere near the local schools.

Twice during the dream I saw the logo of GE on a brick building, which had become "G♥E", with the heart much bigger than the two letters. It had something to do with a merger between GE and some other company. I also passed dozens of stores, and spent quite a large part of the dream just passing time by looking at the merchandise in the stores, but never buying anything. I seem to have imagined a line of toys similar perhaps to D&D, and consisted of playing cards and "dolls" that people would use in order to play the game non-electronically.

I realized I was supposed to be in the therapy group, and I was wasting my time by wandering around the town, which meant that I could be kicked out of the program. I came up with an excuse that at least I was also skipping the lunch period, so I wasnt taking anything that wasnt mine.

There were a lot of young children in this program, and they seemed happy as they played noisily amongst each other but did not interact with me or the other adults. Like many of my dreams, they seemed to have arrived there on their own, rather than being driven by their parents, and did not need help getting around from one room to another inside the buildings.

Towards the end of the dream, I was walking back to the therapy program in deep snow. The snow was actually taller than me, but that may have been because I was on the sidewalk and it had been piled up there by snowplows. My path was full of pine trees and I had a difficult time walking forwards even though I was on a sidewalk, until I found one path where there was little or no snow, and also no pine trees. This was in front of someone's lawn. Also the snow had shiny objects that made it look a little bit like peppermint stick ice cream.

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Posted: Mon Jul 17, 2017 1:23 am
by Imralu
I watched a movie with my brother in a cinema. It was fucking great. It was an alien invasion story. Then I watched the same movie with my parents in a different cinema. It was a different version of the movie and I couldn't wait to tell my brother. The different version went way deeper - it was all in Lego, but then at a different level they saw the aliens were bringing a pixelated world with them (symbolic for computer games taking over physical play like Lego? Hmmm...) and it kept going deeper, and then at the end, there was no climax. It just ended and I was like "That was great!" and everyone was like "I didn't get the ending though" and I said "Well, I'm dreaming and my brain just wants to wake up now and didn't have time to figure out an ending that makes sense. Sorry!" THEN I woke up.

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Posted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 2:20 pm
by Soap
A female astronaut was in a spaceship where all of the others were men. She said the spacesuit was too tight for her hips, which for some reason led to all of the male astronauts spanking her. Not a sexual dream even if it seems incredibly obvious that it is. Dream likely caused by me being reminded of the Sally Ride tampon story shortly before going to bed.

In the dream she actually said "pleple", but somehow I knew what that meant. It doesnt mean anything in Poswa other than "raindrop raindrop".

I had a few other mundane dreams, such as one where I was working in a gas station and the schedule had been ripped off of the wall so I didnt know when to punch in. Like most of my dreams the building was very large and seemed to incorporate places I've worked before that were warehouses and much larger than any gas station is. Even the parking lot was far too large for a gas station ... seemed more like a park-and-ride place where hundreds of cars are parked at any given time.

But lately I haven't been posting the mundane dreams because even to me they're not that intresting. I posted the spanking dream even though it's embarrassing for me because it's unusual for me to have a dream like that.

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Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:37 am
by Soap
My bed had been rotated around and I had apparently slept on it facing the short way with my legs dangling off the side of the bed (Im normally too short to reach the end of the mattress), and my toilet, which was in the same room, had been moved underneath some sort of structure that made it difficult for me to fit in. I decided when I needed to pee I would just use the pool, which was conveniently enough also located in the same room, which blended with the outdoors.

After drinking 14 bottles of wine and going to sleep I met a man and we shot each other, then walked to the same hospital. He stayed in one room while I was in the next, but we shared the same bathroom. We didnt really like each other. Later I went into a Chinese restaurant and had a huge temper tantrum because I was being made to pay ~$15 for a meal that they had announced was going to be reduced price a few days later,and was no larger than most of their $10 meals. I had chosen the meal myself, but was not allowed to change it after hearing about the price change, even though they had only grilled up a few pieces of broccoli.

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Posted: Thu Aug 31, 2017 3:39 am
by Pole, the
I had a dream it's actually a middle of the winter, not summer, now, and it's a particularly cold winter compared to the recent years (i.e. there is snow). I was musing about starting a family in Finland, so my children are more resistant to cold weather.

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Posted: Sat Sep 02, 2017 9:36 am
by Imralu
I had two related dreams with a brief waking up in the middle.

The first one: there was a big hunky man who I was in love with and who was in love with me ... he was actually a werecat and he would just turn into a black cat sometimes. He had to spend a lot of time as a cat for a while because he was looking after kittens ... as a cat, he was female and was nursing the kittens, but as a human, male. As a cat, I made him (going to go with male pronouns because I'm thinking about the human - if he turned into a rock, I wouldn't start up with "it") angry somehow ... I don't remember now, but it was something that usually makes cats angry. I think I got him wet or something, or got his kittens wet, and he rushed at me with claws flying but I kind of caught his head in the palm of my hand and beamed love threw it and he relaxed and then later he turned into a human again and we both apologised to each other.

[I think this is because I want a boyfriend who's not in my space too much and I want a cat but without the responsibility ... clearly the perfect solution! Also, I was at a party last night and ended up watching a video with my friend about how to bath a kitten without it becoming afraid, and then she showed me an Instagram of hot guys with cats]

Then I woke up and thought "Weird" and then I fell back asleep ...

And then I was with the same man on some kind of reality TV show where everyone gets sent to an island. This was almost like a backstory of how I met him ... I didn't know him in the beginning (and the cat thing wasn't happening and wasn't part of this dream), but we paired up as a team. A lot of the dream was about the other people. In the dream, by coincidence, there was one of my [non-specific] former students from Colombia there ... and then she was like "fuck, there's one of my enemies here too" (like, a girl who might actually murder her) and everyone else was in a pair and it looked like they were going to have to pair up. Also, a lot of characters from Orange is the New Black were there and there was a bit of a storyline from that too. The reality TV show went seriously awry and the hunky man and I ended up stranded in a similar environment but on another planet (I think when we got voted out) ... a lot of this dream was just like me imagining stuff when awake but with much better graphics and way more intrusive thoughts - and also really fucking incoherent and jumping back and forth between ideas, which is how a lot of my dreams are, so I was also working out things like who would have voted us out ... when we got voted off the island, instead of being taken back to the mainland we both passed out and woke up in a field. And then I was working out things like "Is it really another planet, or is it, maybe, Earth but not long after the dinosaurs died out, so there were small, hairy mammally, reptily things everywhere ... but I kept switching between these two ideas, and there was also instructions left for us in some random alien script. Anyway, my oldest friend was also in this dream - he was paired up with another guy when we were on the island and the for of us were friends - and when we were on another planet/in the post-dinosaur age, they were sometimes there with us and sometimes not. There was, like, a shed where we could find clothes and then there was another house that had beds and I got annoyed with my old friend for picking a bed between me and my hunky dude ... but then hunky dude convinced my friend to pick a bed in another room. And the sunsets and sunrises were really red ... like, only red light was getting through at all red.

Re: The dream thread

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 9:53 am
by Soap
I apparently had a dream that there was a Chinese surname that ended up in Japanese as "Peropo". I dont remember what it meant or what the original Chinese name was but it somehow became three syllables and defied traditional Japanese sound changes.

Re: The dream thread

Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 9:11 am
by Soap
I was at a beach by a very large building merging indoors and outdoors. I'd say the building was somewhere between 500ft and half a mile long, and took about 15 minutes to walk through the longest "room", which contained a lake, separate from the beach water. The lake water was deep blue, and the lake was shaped artificially but still had a natural bottom and did not look like pool water. There were no ladders or other pool fixtures, and the slope was gradual rather than sectioned like a pool. It was also very deep in the middle.

Soon, on the far side of the lake, I was seated at a picnic table with a friend, and was aware I had some belongings on the beach, which may have been almost a mile away but was still secure in the sense that nobody would take my things. ( The building I was in with the picnic table was "outdoors" but it still required me to go through a set of doors ... three, I think ... to get to the beach area and then walk towards the place in the rocks where I had stashed my belongings.)

My friend saw "Newman" from Seinfeld walking towards us. Neither of us liked Newman, who seemed in the dream to have all of the unpleasant characteristcs of the TV show character. At this point I got up and ran towards Newman, but then ran past him and through the series of rooms I needed to get back out to the beach. I was actually laughing with glee knowing that my friend was going to have to suffer with dealing with Newman for th rest of the meal, even though I also knew that so was I. I had a few other friends in the crowd that were laughing with me as Newman walked towards the picnic tbale. I seemed to have a plan in mind for how to make something good out of Newman's visit, but I cant remember what that plan was. Then I ran towards my belongings (I dont remember what they were), and then ran back again towards the picnic table, which by now had my friend and Newman seated at it.

I took a different route through the building this time, that led me through a room like a garage, and then a small passageway room, and then a bar, and then finally the room with the lake. I walked the long way around the lake this time, which made the journey even longer, such that I knew it might take half an hour just to get back to the picnic table. I knew that Newman had brought plastic plates and cups with him, which we had not had before. I think I might have noticed those even before I left, as though they had been there with us all along, but because they belonged to Newman we needed him to be present to use them.

I never made it back to the picnic table in the dream, and I still dont remember what my scheme to make Newman's visit into a fun thing had been. It may have been nothing more than using him to somehow get more food, since I dont remember my "belongings" from earlier in the dream having been food, and we seemed not to have any plates or cups with us in the first part of the dream.

Re: The dream thread

Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 7:23 pm
by Imralu
I dreamt that I was back at uni and I had to write a handwritten lit review about something (or actually more like a "What we read in order to understand the topic") and I was worried about referencing and stuff ... and my topic was some kind of medical thing involving calcification (or some kind of similar process) in the armpits that results in immovable arms that need to be "cracked" to move again.

Re: The dream thread

Posted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 3:26 am
by Risla
I went back to Koyasan, which in my dream was a mountain covered in bright green grass where people traditionally build houses out of sliced grapefruit, and I took a class on how to build one of these houses.

It's always really funny to me how my brain will take a place I know and then just invent something entirely different. You'd think if something was familiar it would stay the same in my dreams, but noooope.