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Javanese Song Tune

Posted: Mon Feb 08, 2016 2:14 am
by Vijay
There's this song in a variety of Javanese, I believe specifically the variety spoken in the northwestern part of Central Java and sometimes known as "Tegal dialect," that I once posted on another forum (the same one I was recently banned from, lol) a bit over three months ago called "Teh Poci Gula Batu." I'm pretty sure that means something having to do with tea and rock sugar (so I guess tea with rock sugar?). The really intriguing thing to me about this song is that it sounds so much like old Indian movie songs to me that now I'm starting to wonder whether it really is an old Indian movie song tune. And if it is, then which song is it?

EDIT: There's also this song that I've bookmarked but never posted, I think in another variety of Javanese spoken further east. That sounds a lot like (slightly newer?) Indian movie songs, too. Maybe this is just a product of Indian colonization in Indonesia centuries ago? I dunno.