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Operating System (OS) PIE Lexicon

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2015 5:39 am
by JounaPyysalo
Dear Friends,

During this summer the PIE Lexicon project will complete the 1st phase of the coding of PIE Lexicon @
the platform constituting an Operational System (OS) PIE Lexicon in which the entire management of IE languages has been fully digitised.

Due to the coding ahead I will be very busy during the summer, therefore likely not able to follow the general discussions so I posted this new topic for those interested in PIE Lexicon and the comparative reconstruction of the Proto-Indo-European.

Feel free to post and present your views as you please and do not be disturbed if my reply doesn't appear immediately due to my harsh schedule for the summer.

Also note that there's good news, since I will be able to complete a summary article on the issues “System PIE – PIE Lexicon — OS PIE” in which the entire theory we've already discussed here are presented in a very compressed form.

Lovely summer for everyone,

Dr. Jouna Pyysalo
Indo-European Studies
University of Helsinki