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Well, as it's reached the holidays, I reckoned I'd better get my own gift in, as thanks for being (continually) allowed to get a glimpse this marvellous world of creation and sub-creation. In best wishes for the new year, Zompist, from hardly-the-best-translator-in-the-multiverse, comes a rendition, in Kebreni, of the "Council of Stars."

Aan “Iáinos” (Meť. Ain)
Azave “star” (from zavi “to shine”)
Ḣuv “giver” (from Meť. ȟuwi)
Ilaan “Eīledan” (Meť. Eiladan, from Cuêzi Eīledan)
Nevnu “heart” (Meť. Newno)
Rug “horn” (Caďinor rogos; replaced Meťaiun)
Sam “bright, holy” (Cuêzi same)
Satul “bright” (from siul “dark”)
Satulau "brightness"
Turau “brotherhood”
Źany “kind” (Meť. jianiu)

Gem Azavete Neisi, oratte geť ziunte,
This Star-SUB Council / all-SUB dawn locative-SUB
The Council of Stars, at the Dawn of all:

Ozurte turau, vekurte zaugu zavte zavu.
Sun-SUB brotherhood / glory bright-SUB shine
Bright was its glory, like a brotherhood of suns!

Syl, sylgu fuuste, boḣtunate satulau.
Dark/ shadow lack-SUB/ sea-SUB brightness
No shadow, no dark, only a sea of light.

Sam Ecai, falau maniaḣte vurina neisi,
Holy Ecaîas/ 2s-DEF power-SUB rule-POLPERF council
Ecaîas the Bright was their mighty head,
NOTE: In a fairly noticeable deviation from the original, the Kebreni addresses the next lines to Ecaîas.

Azave kuri oratte bryunte eśu źe.
Star that entire-SUB not also
Not even the stars could look full on his face:

E, ceuste śava syna? Kureḣ Enatu nynu,
Ah, oppose-SUB who strong-AUG/ Second Eīnatu birth-PERF
Who could be stronger? Eīnatu came next,

Aťanete linna. Dameḣ źany Ia nynu,
Weapon-SUB lord/ Three-ORD kind Yeâ birth-PERF
The Master of Arms; then Yeâ the kind,

Gem vepte rug egure śere orat averu.
This 3sdef-SUB Horn hear-VOLPERF all end-VOL
Whose Horn will ring when all things end.

Buneina Aan vanu falau, oraimur iceḣcu,
NEG-birth-PASS Iáinos rule 2-DEF/ always praise-VOL
Iáinos Unbegotten reigned over them,
NOTE: The word Aan “Iáinos” is either short or long depending on the usage. In this case it is short.

Falau Aante kusi sunte ḣiluaite zaru.
2-DEF Iáinos-SUB joyful dream desire-BOTH exist
His dream and will were joyfully theirs.
NOTE: Literally, “They are by the joyful will and desire of Iáinos.” Not a perfect translation, obviously; the emphasis is on Iáinos, rather than on the individual Stars.

Oratte geť neufte Ilaan suro vybu,
All-SUB dawn during-SUB Eīledan make-POLPERF 3p-DEF
Eīledan formed them, at the dawn of all;

Nevnu ziunte zavte ḣiḣnu Ulonete guh.
Heart in-SUB bright-SUB burn Ulōne-SUB fire
In their hearts burned the fire of Ulōne.

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