What do you call this?

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Re: What do you call this?

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I'd call the old-style torch a "burning brand" if I had to make it clear that it wasn't an electric torch. Another possibility is 'flaming torch'. I used to think a 'flashlight' was a particularly brilliant type of torch, perhaps an arc light, rather than the feeble type of (electric) torch or bicycle headlamp I am familiar with. I am also acquainted with acetylene torches for welding and blowtorches for stripping paint.
I'd call the tin a 'biscuit tin', unless the primary function of the one in question was as a 'cake tin'.

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Re: What do you call this?

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KathTheDragon wrote:A cookie tin. Even if there are no cookies.
Woah! Generalised 'cookie' in Britain!?

I'd call it a tin, or specifically a biscuit tin.

[to me, it couldn't be a cake tin even if it had cakes in it. A cake tin is the tin you make the cake in. That may be specific to me as someone who grew up with exposure to professional cake-making, though.]
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Re: What do you call this?

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No, I'd be more likely to call it a biscuit tin if it were rectangular. Cookie tin is just what immediately came to mind.

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